Core Essence Yoga Studio, the crack, and my day’s lesson.

Core Essence Yoga Studio, the crack, and my day’s lesson.

Lying silently on my back, staring upwards at 4 large skylights, which brighten the softly dimmed, heated yoga studio I have the pleasure of practicing in today, I notice a crack beginning at one corner of one skylight, feathering out – flawing the beautifully painted, sun-colored ceiling. I notice it first as a problem, my eyes sharply analyzing it’s affect on the rest of the room. In the background, while focused intently on this blemish in this otherwise perfect space, my enlightened yoga instructor, speaks softly about letting go of any and all preconceived notions of how our practice will go…allowing ourselves to be where we are…without self-judgement.

My eyes begin to soften as I come into my breath, and as they do, the crack, which before was so clear, becomes out of focus. And soon, as I come deeper into awareness of  myself, my eyes, still gazing upon the place the crack resides, lose sight of it all-together. I take this as a sign, and understand immediately how I’ve just affirmed a great and ancient concept…that the way my eyes perceived the crack in this pristine yoga studio is exactly parallel to the way our eyes perceive ourselves and others in our human existence.

Clearly a lesson I needed to relearn today. I have a choice the way I perceive people, including myself. I can zone in on imperfections, and nitpick at programming, and/or superficial “flaws”, OR, I can zone out, look right past imperfections, and see the light and beauty within myself and those who cross my path.

I owe a better me to this crack, and to the universe for helping me truly see.

xoxo Jules