Your Website, Fear and the F* Bomb.

We never stop growing, so neither should your website.

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Jules Henson. I’m a creator and cultivator. I work side by side entrepreneurs to turn their digital visions into a reality. 

Your website. Your Home.

You’ll find me – often – referring to your website as your home on the web. Let’s face it, when we’re home, we know it. It feels good and comfy. And it does because we’ve crafted it to be that way. And without a carefully cultivated home in this sphere where people spend over half of their time living, you are not reaching your peeps. You are not reaching your potential. Let’s be real, it may feel a little daunting – the web is a pretty competitive neighborhood to live in. It’s THE neighborhood to live in, of course (when you’re doing business). Having just said that, I’ll say this: digital real estate can be tricky, but with the right guidance, you’re golden.

Another thing you’ll find me saying – trust your gut. And no, trusting your gut doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be swayed by that slippery fear feeling that may come creeping up inside your belly – churning it around like a mix master. Gut – in my use here – is synonymous with heart. Everyone has heart. Your heart is what defines the essence of who you are. Let it shine. Be bold. Be daring. Be willing to engage the right people, fund the right changes. 

Don’t ever let fear guide or stop you.

Fear, almost always, is the real F* bomb to avoid. The more obvious one has its place sometimes. We all know that. FEAR, on the other hand, never belongs (unless there’s a bear involved). Let me rephrase that: FEAR, only belongs when we need it to keep us safe. Playing it safe in the steps we take to expand when we are seeking personal and professional growth, is just not an option anymore. Period. And it’s not easy. It’s a leap to tell fear to go F* (SEE? had its place) itself.

As you grow, so does your world.

When you keep doing things the way you’re doing them, and it’s not working – it’s kinda sorta like you’re stepping in the same gum over and over, never bothering to pick your foot up a little higher to avoid it. But I’m telling you, the only way to evolve is to try really hard not to resist change because listen, you’re always perfect where you are, but you’ve evolved into something different than you were before. And as you grow, so does your world as you know it. 

Growth can hurt sometimes when: 

1 – you don’t know who you are, we need to get to the bottom of that and 

2 – you do know who you are, it’s not always easy to know how to convey that to your new digital neighborhood. Side note, and more to come later on this: Don’t forget what I’m saying here, you are amazing. What you have to offer is real. So the next step after accepting that, is to give it your everything. Work it. Srut your stuff.

If you’d like help growing into your new neighborhood, send me a note.