the Bidet.

Why everyone needs a bidet. No joke. And which one we bought. The context.  This is an important post, during an important time when toilet paper is not so easy to come by. It’s May 13, 2020. Two months ago, when the new normal during COVID-19 first started becoming a reality, my amazing mom (who by the way lives 2000 miles + from me) ordered the only toilet paper she could get her hands on, and had it shipped to us. A few weeks later, 8 manatee-sized, 2-ply industrial rolls showed up at our doorstep. These are the rolls you never knew existed, even though you probably used them a thousand times in office buildings, doctors offices, grocery stores, and anywhere else that serves a high volume of tushes. Enter the idea of the bidet and why we made the leap. I had already been to Costco a couple of times, early in the day, and was informed by multiple employees that every night they get a load in and every morning before 10am, the 2000 + packs of toilet paper they stocked the night before, gone.  I had already heard of the bidet. First from my parents, who had […]

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