Your moments of coming undone..

When you laugh with vigor, and a little
snort manages to escape your sweet little nose,
and I smile because yours is contagious,
and it’s a better world because you warm
the universe, and how stinkin’ lucky am I to be
sitting next to you.

When fear grips you, and you are overcome
with a sadness that forces little drops of tears
out of your wide eyes, and I can see the ocean
as you silently grab for my love without saying a word

When you love so passionately that I can feel it
in my bones, and my toes, and my heart is wiggly
like a slippery fish in your hands, and you hold me tight
with your words and I cannot imagine a more safe place to be

When your eyes soften and you lean into me,
and in silence you allow the hurt that you show no one
to pour out, and your bones shift
as you make space for the universe
to show you the magic in vulnerability,
and your limp body accepts my arms with ease,
and you open your chest, exposing your heart,
as it presses into mine and absorbs all of my love.

It’s in these moments, you allow me to see you,
and I see our wrinkled faces in 100 years,
having truly lived the meaning of namaste everyday,
and I love you my dearest noodle.