True Story.

My name is Jules. I am an animal-holic. It has been almost 2 years since I brought a new animal into our home. This is my first relapse.

LET ME INTRODUCE YOU. Meet Sunny, Sunshine, Cracker, Cashew, Cashew Cookie…still up in the air.
I’ll be honest, I’m a bit frightened to put a name to this cute little girl. I’ve come to know that naming implies keeping. Let me explain. Going back 2 weeks… I’m picking my son up from school, and my good friend Shannon, who I see in the parking lot says, says, “Julie, you guys need to come out to my car and see our new kitty, Bagel.” So, we do. While holding him, there’s no shortage of OOH’s and AHH’s, which is to be expected..he’s so tiny and cute.

As we are walking to our car, my son looks up and me, and in a very mature voice for a 7-year-old, says, “Mama…can I please have a kitten that’s only mine?” My reply was simple. “I have a great idea! Tortilla can be only yours.” Problem solved. Ha!

Tortilla is our current kitty, who we love dearly. She is really one of a kind, at least here in the States, as we adopted her when we lived in Costa Rica. She only speaks Spanish. Kidding. So we talk about the idea of a new kitten for a few minutes. I explain to him that it is maybe something we can talk about in the future, but that the timing isn’t quite right.

Not kidding, the very next day, I’m sitting in my office chair, turned to the side while talking to my boss. (We were discussing efficiency and procedures..I know, exciting), I look over to my right (through the back sliding glass doors) and a little orange kitten was looking at me from the patio.

Thinking this is an obvious sign from the universe, I run outside to pick up this cute little stray, and of course, it runs as fast as felinly possible, in the opposite direction. No sense in attempting to catch it; after all, I can only run as fast as humanly possible. I come back inside, not yet feeling defeated, and run

to the kitchen in search of any kind of milk product that may attract the cute little stray back to it’s obvious new home (us).Since this story is getting a rather long, I’ll cut to the chase. I gave up on the idea completely after talking to Jill, who wasn’t too thrilled, to say the least. Now flash back only 2 days. It’s Monday. I’m not working (off for Sukkot holiday). My boss calls and leaves a voice mail to call him back. I return his call, and he asks me if I’m sitting down..tells me he has some important information for me. I’m sitting down, but feeling a little nervous. He slowly starts to talk, and it’s now that I learn he has set a live animal trap and has caught the kitten for me. “Oh my gosh!” is all I can think to say. “Thank you so much!” is all I can think to say next.

And it was then I was newly responsible for another animal. And, the worst part? I was also responsible for breaking this news to my beautiful, sweet, understanding, did I say beautiful? girlfriend. Ugh!

Now it’s last night, the kitten’s first night with us. We bathed her, cut her nails, gave her a comfy little bed, fed her, etc. Holy moly, she was hungry and SO, so thirsty. She seemed so adjusted…even pooped and peed inside the litter box.

Now to this morning. One word. Nightmare. I felt her walking on my legs at 5:30AM. Got up, put her in the litter box, and she fled – under the couch.

Long story short, she wouldn’t use the litter box. had diarrhea in her soft cozy bed, and laid right next to it, and this happened at the same time we absolutely had to run out the door in order to make it to school & work on time. I don’t even need to get into the mess I had to clean up. I’m sure you can imagine.

Now – we’re in training mode. THIS cute little stray needs to be domesticated, to say the least (again).

We’ll see…….

Ps The one satisfaction out of this whole ordeal is that she is in a safe, warm, loving home. She isn’t out on the streets, scared, cold, and unloved.

Pps I have the best girlfriend in the world, who despite her initial reaction, has given in to complete understanding. I think she may love us a little 🙂 We sure love her. Thank you baby.