This matters.

This matters.

I know this makes me a nerd, but I’ve neverĀ  have any interest in pop culture, 99% of what’s being reported in the news depresses me, and social media seems to be an icky excuse to seek attention. What does this mean? Well… you wouldn’t want me on your team in any game that involves questions like “name the movie icon who…”

I’m not even a true Facebook person, although I admit, I peruse from time to time, mostly when bored sitting in pick up line, waiting for the man’s school day to end.

BUT, news like Huffington Post’s Gay Voices, and viral videos, have emerged in our culture, as 100% necessary, and here’s why in a video:

I’m a mess over here. And I HAVE to believe that if I’m a mess while watching this, it has to touch the hearts of the political messes who make decisions for our country. Maybe? My opinion: PASS THIS ON. over & over.

Thanks friends.