Two Wrinkled Wackos

Two Wrinkled Wackos

A thought crept up inside me today. Though it must have hatched from my brain..I felt it through my feet, dancing it’s way into my thighs, and up to my stomach, tickling my esophagus, passing through my heart, and overflowing into my smile. It was a smile that never felt so genuine.

I was alone. No one to watch the corners of my mouth turn up toward my watery eyes. No one to sense the truth that couldn’t help but surface. Moments like these are like shooting stars, or better yet, things that don’t exist, and then suddenly have names. Like distant, minor planets that are discovered for the first time.

This feeling that captured my body this morning as I was driving and singing along with the Indigo girls, (or maybe it was Tracy Chapman, or Brandi Carlisle) was a brand new discovery. I call it a first glimpse into my future. Perhaps I should give it a name like Chuyanakahara, or something of the like.

This thought was not something I created or fantasized about; it was less a thought and more a feeling. From my smile, I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. In that moment, I felt so very complete.

See, she drives me mad, my beautiful Nadine. And she does this in both the most sensational, and also the most insane ways. And in my glimpse this morning, life had come full circle. Together, we were wackier than ever…2 adoring goof balls. Shriveled up and hunched over, she continued to make me crazy…and I wanted to kick her and kiss her all at the same time.

This is love. And if I am lucky, she will be with me when my story ends.