HAPPINESS: the seeds I need for the web I weave

HAPPINESS: the seeds I need for the web I weave

happiness points here

This is what I know to  be true:

1. If I do the right thing, admit to times that I don’t, submit to the fact that I’m nowhere near perfect, do my best to make good choices – ones that actively reflect who I ultimately want to be – then I possess self-awareness, and have no need to seek approval. My truest intention is already there in my heart, living and cultivating the feeling of HAPPINESS.

2. If I choose to love more and fear less, my heart will stay open. Yes – being open means getting hurt, but the alternative is to never truly love or be loved. It’s only by keeping an open heart have I felt the kind of HAPPINESS, the indescribable kind of love – the kind you never knew was possible to know.

3. If I choose to believe that most things are out of my control – without trying to disillusion myself with the notion that the opposite is true, in my heart lies a peaceful/restful/ still kind of HAPPINESS.

4. If someone wrongs me, and I choose to see the pain they must be in to have done it or said it, rather than the pain I’m in for having received it, I stay open to the deepest, most meaningful & loving relationships. Forgiveness can lead to the purest kind of love & HAPPINESS

5. If I continuously challenge myself, and do things that bring MEANING to my life, I feel a sense of purpose – of accomplishment -which lays the foundation for self-love and builds  the basis for a life of HAPPINESS. As Albert Einstein once said, If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

6. If I believe that change is the only thing that will ever stay the same, then the unexpected becomes awesome, and different becomes good, and each changing moment, even the most painful, brings wisdom and depth to who I am, and ultimately – layers and layers of HAPPINESS.

7. If I choose to stay positive, no matter what challenges I face, my life becomes infinitely sunny, and my heart stays full of HAPPINESS.

8. If I count my blessings, I mean truly name them, I instantly tear up with HAPPINESS. (My son-shine, has been know to call this phenomenon “cryness happiness.”)  I don’t operate under the delusion that I am entitled to any of it. I just know that it’s wildly important that while there is any pain and suffering in the world, I stay humbly grateful for what I have.

9. If I take responsibility and ownership for my actions, facing the reality that no matter my perspective, I’ve hurt someone from theirs, I exponentially increase the connection I have with that person in the long run. I know I must stay humble and open, and hope for forgiveness. It’s HOPE, without expectation, leads to HAPPINESS.

love, jules