The BEST Matzah Ball Soup

This recipe doesn’t need much introduction. It’s simply my mom’s. I asked her just before posting this, what her inspiration was.. if she had taken it from a cook book at some point. Her answer was cute. She said that since none of her kids liked chunky veggies, and she was so used to pureeing everything, it was a natural idea. Lucky for us, all our kids, & future generations, it turned out to be the BEST Matzah Ball Soup on the planet. 🙂 Try it. I think you may agree. xoxo Jules

Ps I have to be honest, I’m not sure how well I’ve stuck to my mom’s recipe, as I’ve never written it down. I think we probably have a few differences between ours, but I still give ALL credit to her. Growing up, I used to stand at her side waiting till the moment I could have a bit of broth. Thanks Mom.

Pps My son was my inspiration for making our Henson family Matzah Ball Soup this time. He had a bit of a cold. I’m not a fan of posting pics of kids online, so I can’t show you his sweet little face eating this, but I’ll just say that he has what my grandpa would have called a shana punim. Love you son-shine, bigger than the entire solar system, more than all the water in the world, and brighter than the sun. You are my teacher, and with sincerity, the most thoughtful, kind-hearted child, and I am so lucky to have the pleasure of making you Matzah Ball Soup each and every time your little nose drips.