Pesach: Inspired Renewal

Pesach exists only for
the palpable realization
of one’s own suffering,
because it’s only then
that change can be fostered;
that we open up space
for renewal and growth.
And while in 2016,
our pain, how we suffer,
is individualized,
and more intertwined
with material mindsets
and egocentric battles,
it is important to grasp
that we suffer collectively.
There is no human being
free from pain and disorder,
and during Pesash as we gather
together as a community
and recognize our basic need
for change and starting anew,
we bring consciousness to this fact
and ignite a light that turns on
this important challenge,
to celebrate change and grow
and yield to old and negative
ways of existing in this universe.
Today, it is with consciousness
and mindfulness that we admit
to our stuggles, the war we rage
inside our own hearts and minds,
to the mistakes we keep repeating
and to understanding
that we are stronger together,
we are built up by those who
surround us with their own understanding
of this great and vital truth.