My cat is on my POOP list, literally.

My cat is on my POOP list, literally.

My mornings are bright. I wake up with joy, even though I’d rather close my eyes and drift back to sleep. When my son-shine climbs out of bed and comes to me with his sleepy looking face and bed-headed hair, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. I kiss his soft, warm cheek and welcome him into a new day. This was the START to my morning. I had already made lunch (tuna sandwich, peach yogurt, pumpkin bar (new at trader joes, btw), fresh delicious strawberries, and a string cheese. I even had time to stick in a little love note, which I’m sure by now he’s embarrassed to pull out and read. Not sure..but I don’t really mind being an “embarrassing” mama, if that’s what I am.

I’ll cut right to the chase. We get in the car; I reach my hand inside my purse to feel for my lipstick, as I always do before moving along towards school. Most of the time it’s successful, I find it quickly, put it on, and off we go. This time, my hand felt a little wet going in. No biggie. I had a vitamin water, which probably spilled. I pull out my lipstick, and notice it too is a little wet. I take the cap off, and more liquid is beaded up on the inside of the Clinique tube. This now seems a little strange to me. This is when I put my fingers to my nose and smell this curious liquid that seeped up into my favorite, brand new, lipstick tube. It’s the unforgettable smell of cat urine. Yes, my cat peed in my purse. And beyond that, I know nothing.

I voiced my little problem to my little guy in the back seat. He said “Ugh” and I looked over at the beautiful Lake Michigan as the sun painted it’s picture in the sky, and I thanked the universe (out loud) for making the earth so darn beautiful, and on we moved toward school.

Ps Upon arrival at work, I removed all contents from the tainted purse, kept and washed anything important, and tossed everything else, including the purse itself into a big black trash bag. Movin’ on to bigger and much better things.

Pps Last week, while cutting Tortilla’s nails (that’s our cat),  her normally very subdued and loving temperament, changed into something more like anxious. To my dismay, she left a little surprise poop liquid on my lap. Hence, POOP list. Ya, not so great. But, she’s still my little Costa Rica kitty. Love her to pieces.