No errs here
just honesty
take off your hood mama
always and beautiful
beyond recognition..
he is mine
the fruit of my truth.
However humble
However weak
there are no words
for his strength
his garbled jumble of mess
that lives in his boyhood
stems from happy
built from the wisdom
of little beauties
and silly sounds..
knocks me over in my tracks
turns my lips toward the sky
he searches my core
for the answers
to how curious life can be
with all it’s fruit
and guns, and boxing gloves
yet he is light
and sun and moon
and breath
and love amidst a world of fear
we live this
what a juxtaposition
he is faced with
there is no bubble here
just truth and love.
warmth and hugs
laughs and pillow fights
friends forever
no hood required.
take it off
and feel the freedom
to express simple

love, mama