Life is a HUGE Oval

Life travels in big huge ovals and you can watch it happen like your very own reality TV show.

This is a fact. I know from watching my own. And I know because if you look closely you can see others’ ovals, like the little beautiful elderly women I see, walking hand-in-hand with their adoring grandchildren, and my women friends who inevitably have become like their beautiful mamas in ways they are happy to finally admit.

We’re born, we grow, we learn (mostly about mundane things like how to protect ourselves from hurt and how to use emojis on our new iphones). We may even develop some wisdom, which of course is the idea behind the master plan of getting older. But eventually, we DO get older, and some of us become moms, and it isn’t until then of course, that our oval (we have made it half way around) becomes obvious.

Forged somewhere in the expansive universe, is this plan. This path that guides us, with hopes and hurts along the way, to ultimately becoming our best. And no matter whether we attain our best or not, we are thrown into the loop again, only to grow older and watch our little ones (who we gave our lives to, as well as theirs) and hope that they will gain just that much more wisdom along THEIR oval.

Soon, we grow so old, that all the mundane facts we learned along the way, start to evaporate in our (hopefully) wisdom-filled brain, which now can “breathe” solely to pass that wisdom on in any capacity we can. Passing it on may be simply walking hand-in-hand with OUR little grandchildren, born of our children, who we were once too.

I watch my mom watch me. I watch her watch my oval while thinking and living amongst hers. I watch her laugh and cry, and the wisdom she shares with me is undeniably the wisdom I will and have shared with my little man by the time he’s ready to see for himself that life indeed travels in ovals.