Three Wishes – Inspired by the words of Isabel Allende


Got me thinking… what shouldn’t be forgotten.
Which led to secret places in my heart.
Please excuse my stream of consciousness.

My parents sent me an email a couple days before Mother’s Day.
Here’s what it said:

Hi Honey,
We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You are the BEST MOM! You inspire S****** is so many ways and are always teaching him wonderful lessons about life. Here are some of the things you taught him:

To be generous with others
To celebrate beauty
To notice the little things
To know who he is (and who he wants to be)
To never give up
To stay true to his beliefs
To give himself choices
To trust his intuition
To speak up for what he believes in
To protect his loved ones
To be kind
To donate time to others
To express gratitude
To be a good listener
To be silly
To be adventurous
To laugh at himself
To think highly of himself
To treat others the way he wants to be treated
To see the good in people
To accept what he cannot change
To make life fun……….and these are just a few of the things he learns from you because you do all these things and SO MUCH MORE!
The list could go on and on, sweetheart. You are an AMAZING PERSON,
We love you!!!
Mama and Daddy

Their words had me in tears, and meant more to me than any card or gift.
I thought to myself as I read them, that if all I was able to accomplish in my life was that, I would be full.
But the real reason I decided to share their beautiful words is because I think they show less about me, and more about them.

I NEVER want the kind of love my parents have given to me & mine to be forgotten.
Unwavering, goofy, strong, nurturing, selfless, always with the purest intentions, wise, generous, open-minded, true, love.
Their email to me is just a minute sampling of the kindness & love they have poured into me throughout my life,
from childhood to motherhood.
And it saddens my heart when I have seen their efforts devalued over & over.

That my parents’ love, generosity, & beautiful souls, live on in my son and in his children, and generations to come.

That the words that my parents wrote in that email are true.
That I have taught my little, soon to be big, guy
that the secret to a full, happy life is always with him.
That actually, living a happy life is no secret at all.
Happiness is made –
in each moment..
by being conscious
of our choices
our actions
our words
our willingness to accept responsibility
and to learn & grow
our dedication to sharing & giving
our vision of the universe
and the small, yet insanely beautiful pieces
that connect us all.
And that each day we wake up breathing,
with the capacity to love…
is our greatest gift.

And THIS is my deepest wish..
that I will instill this into the core of my son-shine.
That which took me my lifetime & HIM to understand.

I love my baby boy. And if I got the chance for a third wish..
it would be that he always remember that..
how much his mama loves him
That as he grows
& his needs change,
he never forgets
never ever.
that if I had to choose between breathing and loving him,
I’d use my last breathe to tell him how much.

love, jules (mama)