Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Last week, as my friend Meghan and I were chatting online, she asked me if I had tried any of the paleo recipes? I couldn’t imagine what she meant by that. I thought..maybe we have a mutual friend who posted recipes somewhere (FB)? I had NO idea what she was talking about. So, she sent me a link.

I have to preface the next comment with a little fact about me. I don’t do diets. I don’t believe in fads, and with food and science, everything changes dramatically and fast. What we think we know one minute changes the next. So, I go with my dad’s philosophy.. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, added to my own.. AS MANY WHOLE FOODS as possible. But then I opened the page, and the first recipe I saw was GUACAMOLE DEVILED EGGS. So far so good. The second recipe to catch my eye was Bananas w/ Almond Butter & Coconut.

WOW! What I was checking out was SO me. I DIG these recipes. Many of which I already eat almost daily. From my quick glance, Paleo could rock! I mean, it’s already how we eat, w the added yumminess of grains & whole wheat bread, LOTS of cheese, and beans too. Here’s what she was talking about:

It’s silly I never thought about adding avocado to deviled eggs, as both are such a staple in my home.

Guacamole Deviled Eggs:

Oh, and the recipe called for hot sauce (which I thought would be excellent)..just not cooool w my sonshine.

Thanks Meghan!

xo jules