growth & love

If you let life, it grows you in ways you can’t force or manipulate.
It seeks light and love, all the while spitting out dark, yet important blessings.
It bonds the uncommon in unthinkable ways, and forages enough sparks to last eternities.
Generally, we climb steep mountains, for reasons that seem futile as we come tumbling down.
Yet, with every step we take, whether forwards or back, we are closer to who we are intended to be.
And this happens when we reach for better, when we allow life to be our teacher.

As I write these words, I’m utterly staggered at the beauty of this truth.
I know that life will continue it’s cause and effect, it’s essence of education.
Yet, when it’s brought to you the soul in which you are meant to climb with..
to the highest of purpose, of love, of understanding, of compassion, of growth…
and forces you down on your knees with thanks,
daunting no longer has meaning,
and falling seems more like a growth spurt.

Light and love take on a whole new genre of interpretation,
And while the burning desire is justified in every way,
So is the idea that it’s the journey that will forever be our dance.

With all my love,