Granola repeated

Saturday morning, we were all lazy (except spazzy Mollie, who had just met our new kitty friend Cashew Cookie – AKA “CC”). I decided to make up a quick batch of granola for breakfast. I replaced some ingredients with others, but mostly the same stuff. I’m super excited to report that the world’s best homemade granola has gotten even better.

Here’s the difference:
Instead of Stevia, use brown sugar, and instead of the 3 different spices, I used Trader Joes “Pumpkin Pie” Spice. I also replaced the almond flour with whole wheat flour (only because it’s all I had).

It was crunchier and sweeter. Love it! Been eating it by the handful every time I walk by the kitchen. xoxo

Ps wouldn’t have a clue CC ever lived a day on the streets. She’s no hard cookie 😉 see above pic