Finding Beauty In Imperfection.

You capture the deepest part of me
wrap it up into your strong arms
and squeeze it until we are one
and still I wish closer was possible

In your eyes I see pretzels of us
with no starts or ends in sight
and you share our secret with only me
that magic exists in our coexistence

You teach me resilience
within moments of your fire
in a world that tries to break
what only must bend

And you show me unequivocal peace
in the gentle touch of your small hand
when war stirs around in my throat
and I try to gallop on a balance beam

I am reminded in your imperfection
what it means to love you
and I nurture the beauty in your raw honesty
in your inability to see past a moment

And you ask me to face my fears
with my own loneliness
which may seem cruel
but it is my work to be done

And in this lonely place
while I long for your support
I am learning to let go