Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA)

I am EXTREMELY frugal (probably because I have to be). In my mind,however, life is NOT about working MORE to be able to afford an extravagant lifestyle. It’s about family, and love, and joy, and home. I WON’T miss out on the joy of motherhood. So I happily work enough to be able to provide a secure, joyful, loving life for my little guy.  BUT since I don’t work a million hours, my budget is tight.

I’ve never had a problem not spending. But recently, I decided I wanted better control of it. So I found EEBA, and so far it’s REALLY COOL.

Here’s how it works:
Ps You can watch the video above.

1. Put your income in envelopes.

Well, it’s simple really. The cash for each month’s expenses is taken out and divided into envelopes for each budget category:

Allocating Cash to Budgeting Envelopes

2. Spend from the envelope.

Along the way, you take money out of an envelope to spend. For each category, spend out of the designated envelope—and only that envelope!

Spending from Envelope Budgets

3. Now, stop spending. See how much you saved!

Stop once you’ve emptied the envelope — or before if you’re really disciplined. =)

Spending from Envelope Budgets

See why it works? Rather than figuring out that you overspent after the fact, you plan your spending beforehand and only spend what you have.

The problem is, carrying around a lot of cash in this age of debit cards and credit cards is neither convenient, nor, frankly very safe.

How do I envelope budget in the 21st century?

Enter EEBA. EEBA helps you be accountable to budget limits without the hassle of keeping the actual cash separated. Available on the Web or on your phone at point-of-sale, EEBA makes it easy to record your spending. Never forget a transaction again.

Online and Mobile Envelope Budgeting

No signal in the basement of the department store? No problem, you can still record your transactions and they will synchronize at the next opportunity. Simultaneous users are supported so you and your partner don’t double spend.

Envelope budgeting with EEBA. Simple. Effective.

Happy budgeting! xoxo jules