At the end of the day, I love my noodle.

At the end of the day,
I love you.

And everywhere in the middle:
you make me laugh
and cry
and smile
and bite my lip
and drink espresso
and trip over my words
and make mistakes
and dance
and reach for my dreams
and learn
and linger in bed
and long for more
and touch your face
and feel your heart
and soothe your hurt
and hold your hand
and lose my breath
and watch you…
with adoration
and bewilderment
while you…
love me
light up the world
fix people
sweat small stuff
act like a noodle
laugh with me
laugh AT me
smile with all your heart
smile with all your fear
look at me with compassion
look at me with confusion
pull me in close
react with fire
kiss me
bite me
trip me
admit mistakes
long for my words
and feel peace in my arms

And I choose to live in the middle with you
because at the end of the day…
the middle is where our story grows
and where our love deepens
in impenetrable ways.

And at the end of the day,
even when the middle
is less kissy and more mistakey,
I love you.


Ps. I love you in the middle too….like a sch’more (best part).
Pps. Quit being a noodle.