As I celebrate my birthday, I celebrate my MOM.

It’s my birthday. Today I feel grateful for all my blessings, as I do every day, but it’s my mama who captures my most intense gratitude. It’s she who will forever share this day with me. I celebrate my mom today because she brought me into this body, this path, this moment, into love & gratitude. She and I are forever intertwined, not only because of the physical health she so protectively gave me in her womb, but for the infinite amounts of moments in which she has guided me, and nurtured me into the spirit that I am. The most humbling quality a human can possess is the desire to learn and grow, to always strive for understanding oneself despite the complexity of our materialistic, superficial, power seeking, reactive, scared, misguided world. To better understand our interconnected relationship with the natural universe, and to those around us…and to choose to stay open (even if that means getting hurt along the way) is to choose the path to unconditional love & unlimited joy. This the most endearing quality about my sweet mama. She is a lesson against any notion that anyone is too old to change. My mom, in her 70’s, is not only willing to learn and grow, she chooses this as a way of living. I’m humbled by how she has remained open, no matter how many times she has felt loss and pain. She is never afraid to admit mistakes, and never too proud to learn from them. And, no matter the suffering she has endured, she is forever a positive, guiding light to her own spirit and to those of us who are blessed enough to cross her path. And itโ€™s us who she has devoted her whole being to loving without condition. Mom, here’s to growth & pedicures ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love you, so much.

love, always, jules