I love you, and with every thump of my heart since knowing you existed, I love you more.
And I’m not one to pretend that saying true things isn’t the brick and mortar and simplest pleasure of life.
I love you, even though love is a little less like Mars and Venus, and a lot more like Neptune..
or better yet, the milky way. Definitely the milky way. And despite this ridiculous idea
that I can sit here changing the way the world views our karmic and cosmic solar system,
and that one day we may be living on Neptune, well, maybe Mars first, I love you. And, did I mention
that if we do end up living on Mars, or Neptune for that matter, if I’m with you,
I’m where I’m supposed to be. Even if it’s dank and cold, or we’re burning up from being too close to the sun.

immer, jules